MK Tech is a unique freezing technology which helps to preserve the freshness & quality of frozen foods.

It prevents the product from freezing between 0 and -2°C. As a result, microscopic ice crystals are seeded more often, reducing cell membrane damage while retaining the product's flavor, fragrance, texture, and appearance.

Our technology also extends the shelf life of products, allowing them to be stored for up to a year.
Benefit 1
High-quality freezing combined with prolonged shelf-life allows firms to respond to over-and underproduction, resulting in a more stable business.
Benefit 2
Fresh foods may be supplied all year long, and seasonal items can be delivered at any time, lowering the dependence on market prices.
Benefit 3
Establishing new sales channels allowing for the distribution of products in a wider range of trade regions throughout the world
The innovation MK technology consists in the impact of individually calibrated resonant waves in accordance with special algorithms modeled for each type of product.

During the freezing process, these waves form microscopic ice crystals in the intercellular space and inside the cell structure.
Innovative technologies to preserve the freshness and visual appearance of products
Conveyor freezing systems
15 shelves
10 shelves
5 shelves
Holds from 1 to 10 trolleys with products
Mobile freezers with built-in unit
Stationary freezing chambers
Inividual Solutions and Rental Options
Our module can be integrated into any available industrial equipment
Suitable for food products, as well as for the preservation of original properties of raw materials (for example, tea leaves and breeding material).
Scientific Approach
We conduct independent research on the preservation of product’s quality
It is possible to preserve the original physical and taste qualities of the products, as well as:
Reduce weight loss
Preserve product texture, natural color
Preserve flavor, nutrients, and vitamins
Prevent re-infection and reproduction of microorganisms
Frozen with
Frozen with
Defrosted after
MK Technology
Defrosted after
standart freezing
Optimal adaptation of freezing programs allows to freeze products / raw materials without losing their original good qualities or nutritional value

Freedom of choice, care for the consumer, modern approach to familiar things – our priorities in vending machine development

Are you feeling hungry and you don’t have much time?
Find our vending machine and authorize the card
Take a meal that suits your taste the best
Heat it up in 90 seconds

Enjoy your wholesome meal in less than 5 minutes!

1) Individual approach – allowing our customers to adopt the vending machine to their needs
2) Availability of secondary appliances such as forks, knifes, etc.
3) Smart sensor system that keeps track of everything that has been taken of the shelves
4) Integrated block with up to four microwaves
Ready meals
Delicious meals prepared by experienced chefs and frozen using MK Technology
High-quality frozen ready meals
May be stored for up to a year
Can be served at any time after being preheated
IcyYum Offers a wide variety of high-quality prepared meals for household consumption, frozen using cutting edge MK Technology
Wide variety of meals
Discs take up little room
Can be fastly reheated
Long-term storage in the freezer
All of the nutritional components of food are retained thanks to MK Technology freezing technique
Using MK Technology to freeze various types of food stuffs during seasons of excess supply
Ensuring year-round access to seasonal foods
Foods frozen using MK Technology retain all of their physical qualities after defrosting
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