re-definition of freshness

MK Technology is a unique freezing technology which helps to preserve the freshness & quality of frozen foods.

During the regular shock freezing process, large ice crystals are formed and growing, damaging the cells. MK technology brakes the growing ice crystals down to microscopic particles (nanocrystals) reducing such cell membrane damage while retaining the product's quality; flavor, fragrance, texture, and appearance.

High-quality freezing
Highest-quality freezing combined with prolonged shelf-life allows companies to better respond to potential over- or under-production, resulting in a more stable business
Product freshness
Fresh foods may be supplied all year long, and seasonal produce can be delivered any time anywhere, lowering the dependence on seasonal prices
Stability and reliability
Establishing new sales channels allowing for the distribution of products in a wider range of trade regions throughout the world to cover many different areas
The innovation of MK Tech consists of individually calibrated resonance oscillations modeled for each type of product.

During the freezing process, those oscillations help to form nanosized ice crystals inside the cell structure as well as in the intercellular space.

As a result, the freezing process is up to 20% faster, and product quality remains almost the same even if products are defrosted after years of storage
Improve your manufacturing process by implementing innovative MK Technology
Conveyor freezing systems
15 shelves
10 shelves
5 shelves
Holds from 1 to 10 trolleys with products
Mobile freezers with built-in unit
Stationary freezing chambers
Individual Solutions and Rental Options
Our module can be integrated into any available industrial equipment
Suitable for food products, as well as for the preservation of original properties of raw materials (for example, tea leaves and breeding material).
Scientific Approach
We conduct independent research on the preservation of product’s quality
It is possible to preserve the original physical and taste qualities of the products, as well as:
Reduce weight loss
Preserve product texture, natural color
Preserve flavor, nutrients, and vitamins
Prevent re-infection and reproduction of microorganisms
Frozen with
Frozen with
Defrosted after
MK Technology
Defrosted after
the standard freezing
Optimal adaptation of freezing programs allows to freeze products / raw materials without losing their original qualities or nutritional value
Ready meals
Delicious meals that are prepared by the most experienced chefs and frozen using MK Technology
High-quality frozen ready meals
May be stored for up to a year
Can be heated and served at any time
Disks IcyYum offer a new way to enjoy high-quality frozen food prepared by the best chefs in the Baltics States.

It is a great solution for moments when you do not have enough time for cooking - just heat it up using a simple microwave or boiling water and the nutritious meal is ready!
*All of the nutritional food values are retained thanks to MK Technology freezing technique.
Chicken, tomatoes, onion, ginger, garlic, green chili, eggs, breadcrumbs, curry, rapeseed oil
Chicken meatballs
Beef, pork, red beans, carrots, onion, tomatoes, baked tomatoes, tomato paste, parsley
Chili con Carne
Potatoes, butter, milk, salt
Mashed potatoes
Cod, eggs, breadcrumbs, flour, milk, rapeseed oil, tandoori spices
Cod cutlets
We are creating storage areas specifically designed for large volumes of frozen products. This way raw materials will be available throughout the year.
Using MK Technology to freeze various types of food during seasons of excess supply
Ensuring year-round access to seasonal produce
Products frozen with MK Technology retain all of their physical qualities after defrosting
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