Re-definition of freshness
Innovative MRW (Modulated Resonance Waves) technology significantly increases shelf life of products without loss of quality, creating new opportunities for the food industry
Enhanced taste while preserving color
We offer the most gentle way to freeze food products as well as pre-process it for drying or lyophilization
Gentle Freezing
Our technology may help to preserve texture, taste, natural color, nutrients and vitamins
Drying of products
Pre-processing of products before dehydration has a positive effect on the fermentation process, preserving the texture and taste (ongoing research)
Pre-processing of products before lyophilization, allows to preserve the original taste, aroma and other original properties of the product (ongoing research).
The most gentle technology to freeze food
The most gentle technology to freeze food. AS Kayamba specialists have developed a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for freezing any type of food products. Our freezing systems can be used in both small cafes and restaurants, as well as in large production facilities for fish, meat, fruits and vegetables.

A special consideration in the development of freezing systems was given to economic efficiency, which allows to improve the quality and quantity of frozen products while significantly reducing costs.
Our module can be integrated into any available industrial equipment
Scientific Approach
We conduct independent research on the preservation of product’s quality
Suitable for food products, as well as for the preservation of original properties of raw materials (for example, tea leaves and breeding material).
It is possible to preserve the original physical and taste qualities of the products, as well as:
Reduce weight loss and product quality
Reduce energy consumption
Save on seasonal purchases
Increase shelf life of products
Prevent re-infection and reproduction of micro-organisms
Conveyor freezing systems
15 shelves
10 shelves
5 shelves
Holds from 1 to 10 trolleys with products
Mobile freezers with built-in unit
Stationary freezing chambers
Inividual solutions and rental options
To implement MRW technology we offer:
Installation of freezing systems
Turn Key Design
Performance calculation at client’s request
Innovative technologies to preserve the freshness and visual appearance of products
The innovation of modulated resonance waves (MRW) technology consists in the impact of individually calibrated resonant waves in accordance with special algorithms modeled for each type of product. During the freezing process, these waves form microscopic ice crystals in the intercellular space and inside the cell structure.
Berries and Fruits
The difference between the MRW technology is that this allows to preserve the taste and color in fruits and berries over long period of time.
Freezing with MRW technology
Defrosting of the product after MRW freezing
Standard method’s freezing
Defrosting of the product after standard freezing
Optimal adaptation of freezing programs allows to freeze products / raw materials without losing their original good qualities or nutritional value.
About us
AS Kayamba is an EU registered and certified company with production facilities in Latvia and the Baltics.
We manufacture freezing equipment for food products using our proprietary MRW technology. We provide design in accordance with customer's specifications, as well as delivery, installation and service.

Our value proposition is innovative technical solutions at affordable costs. We offer a full range of services and a focus on long-term mutually beneficial relationship that provides significant competitive advantages for your company
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